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At Barcombe Wood Finish no job is too new or old, too big or small!

Restoration & Repolishing

At Barcombe Wood Finish we use traditional techniques and materials to achieve the best finish. These can be used to restore new, modern and old, antique wooden furniture and fittings, alike.

Furniture Making &  Bespoke Projects

Unable to find the perfect piece of furniture? Barcombe Wood Finish not only repairs damaged furniture but also makes bespoke pieces to customers' specifications.


If you have a piece of furniture which is broken, split or damaged, Barcombe Wood Finish can make replacement wooden parts or repair, supply and/or fit replacement parts e.g hinges, locks, as required. 

Insurance Quotations

For a small charge, Barcombe Wood Finish can provide a written quotation for insurance claims. When we complete the work the quotation fee is then deducted from your final invoice. 

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